Flowers and YeastAfter a series of fruity, dry saisons, it’s…

Flowers and Yeast

After a series of fruity, dry saisons, it’s nice to get something fluffy, creamy, and bitter. Upright’s Flora Rustica is brewed with calendula and yarrow as well as hops for a very earthy, very floral beer. The big soapy head sits atop a thick golden liquid. It smells of fresh cilantro or old droopy flowers sat on the table too long. The yeast really comes forward on the palate, all fluffy with notes of rosemary. The finish is sharp and briny – a bit pickled. 

There are so few actually rustic beers out there these days. Brettanomyces have been tamed and crazy ingredients are now mainstream. It’s a real pleasure to get a beer that tastes weird, but still tastes like beer.