Nice and EasySun Flare from Pelican Brewing is a simple, five…

Nice and Easy

Sun Flare from Pelican Brewing is a simple, five percent alcohol, hoppy pale ale. It’s copper colored with a good full body and a tight head. It smells of beer, unripe fruit and lemons. It tastes real smooth, citrus again but with a nice edge to it and a snappy bitterness. And being from Perlican there is a certain British influence in the malt, a little rounder than normal.

I don’t see many pale ales on the shelf lately, aside from the legacy breweries – Deschutes, Sierra Nevada. There’s so much competition in the IPA category, but pale and hoppy is wide open. That both makes every pale ale I find stand out more, and bogs down IPAs in a constant tug of war. There are so many IPAs to choose from, it’s impossible to find a single one to love. But when you only get to try three pale ales, it’s simple finding a favorite.