Wine, Beer, and LemonadeI’ve never liked radlers, those canned…

Wine, Beer, and Lemonade

I’ve never liked radlers, those canned cocktails that are one half lager one half fizzy lemonade. Personally I think they taste like garbage, like something a drunk teen invented to make the Natty Light last longer. 

But we were in the wine aisle last weekend and Sarah pointed me to Underwood’s Riesling Radler, made with Riesling grapes, malt, hops, and grapefruit. What? Why? Who does that? But I’d already decided I wanted to drink weird beers this week, so I told her to get two cans.

First off, this barely counts as an alcoholic beverage, only three percent alcohol. It tastes more like kombucha than anything. It’s fizzy and tangy. It has a malty sweetness and a light acidity. The flavor is somewhere between a soda and a alcopop. It’s actually far more enjoyable than an actual radler and twice as refreshing.