Make Amber Ale Great AgainWe’re in the midst of another heat…

Make Amber Ale Great Again

We’re in the midst of another heat wave, but we’re dreaming of fall. So here are a few seasonal ales for you, both reddish brown, and sort of hoppy.

Deschutes’ autumn seasonal attempts to combine German Marzen and American IPA. Hopzeit is Oktoberfest meets hops, I guess. It’s malty red with hints of toffee and nuts. Then you get the juicy middle. I’m guessing that’s the Hull Melon hops. It tastes like melon. It’s a wild curveball. I think the beer would be better with a bit more bitterness, and a little less fruit. But I guess that would just be an amber ale huh?

I’d rather have another bottle of Terminal Gravity IPA. It’s a very, very old school IPA. First brewed in like 2002 old school. It’s amber to brown in color with a ton of malt character. It’s toasty; it’s nutty. I told Sarah it was almost “porky” and she nearly gagged. But there is almost a smokiness in there. Oh, and then there are hops. I’m sure it’s better fresh, but like this it’s a really solid malty amber.