Beer and ChangeHere’s Pristine Pacific, a “juicy” pale ale…

Beer and Change

Here’s Pristine Pacific, a “juicy” pale ale brewed by Gigantic and benefitting SOLVE. Pristine was brewed with a ton of fancy hops like Citra and Mosaic, but the dominant flavor seems to be dominated by Simcoe. It’s got that dank piney flavor, but it’s nicely balanced with golden malt. And five percent of the sales go to help keep Oregon clean.

Well, that was the easy part, on to the other stuff.

I started this blog nearly six years ago as an excuse to document every beer I drank. It morphed as I got deeper into beer. I started chasing down rare beers, new styles, new breweries in a quest to, I don’t know, collect them all? For the last five years or so that means I’ve been posting something every weekday. 

But after fifteen hundred posts, reviewing a new beer everyday loses it’s luster. Who would’ve guessed? It just seems that I’m writing the same thing day in day out, which makes the writing less fun, and the drinking. It sucks when drinking a beer feels like a chore.

So I’m slowing down, loosening to rules. I’m only going to post beers I want to talk about. I’m going to spend more time on each post. Maybe even text posts. Gasp! I’m going to try to move away from here’s a beer, here’s its story, did we like it. We’ll see what happens.