Kith and KinComposting fruit, orange juice, pink grapefruit,…

Kith and Kin

Composting fruit, orange juice, pink grapefruit, Welch’s grape juice, fresh farmstand apple cider – Little Beast Brewing created a whole fruit basket out of nothing but yeast and wood. Animal Family is named for the blend of yeast and bacteria that fermented it. There is a mixture of French and Belgian strains, lactobacillus for acid, and three kinds of wild Brettanomyces. The grist is a mixture of barley, wheat and oats, for a foam and a full body. Animal Family is a wonderland of flavors.

i was wracking my brain looking for another beer that tasted like this. It’s far more complex than a fruity farmhouse brew. It’s not sour enough to taste like lambic. Animal Family’s nearest cousin is probably one of those ultra fruity IPAs that are all the rage. It has that same sort of melange of flavors, from the forest to the field. And look how cloudy!