A Pint of Mild and a Quart of HurtThere’s a brewery in Seattle…

A Pint of Mild and a Quart of Hurt

There’s a brewery in Seattle making super credible English style ales. Machine House Brewery specialize in cask conditioned ales, but they also bottle a Dark Mild and Best Bitter. When was the last time you saw a Bitter? But I cannot in good conscience recommend them. 

The beer is good. The Dark Mild has a nice dark roast malt flavor, with just a hint of charcoal smoke. It’s super light and refreshing on the tongue. The Best Bitter is, ironically, a little too Bitter for my taste. It’s got nice bones, but the hopping is just a little too strong and overpowers the rest of the beer. That could just be a bach issue though. Both beers are British enough, even down to the paltry alcohol by volume. It’s authentically weak, which is part of the problem.

A single 500mL bottle of 3.7% Mild costs $7.25 at my nearest bottle shop. That’s nuts. Despite rave reviews on Twitter and elsewhere, it took quite a bit of justification on my part in order to put the beer in my basket. You’re paying for quality; you’re supporting rare and important beer styles; alcohol isn’t everything. Yes. All true. But there is also the issue of dollars and cents.

I could just as easily buy two satisfying cans of Old Speckled Hen. It might not be as good, but I won’t nearly feel cheated as soon as I finish the last dregs. 

All that being said, you better believe I might seek out a cask of the stuff.