“Does this taste like soap?” The human mind is very open to…

“Does this taste like soap?” 

The human mind is very open to suggestion and illusion. Sarah mentions a soapy note, and it’s all I can taste. What was once a thin head of loose bubbles becomes a bubble bath. That classic Upright flavor smell, apricots and slowly fermenting beer, is suddenly infused with a note of dish detergent. The Body is suddenly slick and oily on the tongue. It’s terrible.

But she was right. It does taste soapy. I was excited to try Upright’s latest Frequencies release, Jacaranda. It was brewed with a couple guys from Superflux in Vancouver B.C. It’s supposed to be brewed with oily hops, blended with Upright’s Shades Kriek and left in Vermouth and Gewurztraminer casks with some wild yeast for months. Sounds great, but I wasn’t able to finish it. My stomach hurt.