So Happens It’s TuesdaySo what’s the difference between the…

So Happens It’s Tuesday

So what’s the difference between the Bruery’s famous Black Tuesday and So Happens It’s Tuesday? About five percent alcohol, which is surprising, So Happens is already over 14%. But that extra alcohol is well integrated in the austere beer that tastes more akin to a fancy red wine than a pastry infused stout. 

The scent is full of the usual notes of bourbon and chocolate with cherry cola hidden in it’s depths. The powerful notes of vanilla and whiskey eventually give way to a sharp raspberry and subtle dark chocolate.

It doesn’t have the heat or the boozy sweetness I was expecting in a beer this strong. It’s not syrupy. It’s not hot. The body is full but not chewy. It’s a little meaty and dry like old pinot noir. That may be a result of age. 

Despite receiving the bottle for my last birthday, it’s already nearly two years old. That extra age probably dried the beer out a little, but it could just as easily be the result of careful blending, the unsung step all great barrel aged beers go through. Anyone can put beer in a barrel, but it takes great skill and an excellent palate to blend multiple barrels into a single excellent beer.