Dutch for DarkUpright Brewing just can’t stop with the new…

Dutch for Dark

Upright Brewing just can’t stop with the new releases. Every week there seems to be a new Frequencies Series brew. The latest is Duister Porter, made with the help of Oproer Brouwerij of the Netherlands. The team at Oproer like a strong dark ale, so they brewed up a robust porter and aged it in rye whiskey casks. 

I’ve never seen such a conventional beer from Upright Brewing. I mean, they make a nice Pilsner, but a straight forward imperial porter seems out of character. Of course, due to the unique nature of the brewery at Upright, Druister isn’t entirely conventional. It was open fermented and bottle conditioned for that Upright twist.

I get a lot of whiskey up front, just a stingy nosefull. It settles down with each sip. There’s less heat and more char. The oats add a full, whole grain undertone. It’s a dark, dry beer – more charcoal than chocolate. Duister isn’t as sweet nor as boozy as I might expect. I’d compare it to a dry Irish stout, if it wasn’t so strong. Duister is subtle and quite nice to drink.