From CansIn celebration of Stout Month, Fort George created…

From Cans

In celebration of Stout Month, Fort George created twenty four unique stouts. Among them was the barrel-aged Matryoshka and it’s various offshoots. But they also released for the first time From Astoria With Love, the Russian imperial stout that forms the seed for the whole Matryoshka experience. 

It’s a dense, lovely beer. Unlike some of it’s offspring, From Astoria isn’t laden with fruit or chocolate. It’s a proper beer flavored beer. The deep roasted malt flavor only hints at Hershey’s syrup or coffee. It doesn’t scream mochaccino. The body is full and creamy but the finish is dry leading to pleasant a warming sensation. The alcohol may be too present for some, but it’s nice knowing you’re drinking booze from time to time. 

Best of all, From Astoria With Love is cheap. Not dirt cheap, but at less than four dollars for a sixteen ounce can, it’s a very good value. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

As you probably know, last week President Trump took steps to create tariffs on imported aluminum and steel. The backlash was immediate. The lobby group, the Beer Institute – which months before praised the President’s tax cut plan – says the new tariffs “will create a new $347.7 million tax on America’s beverage industry, including brewers and beer importers, and result in the loss of 20,291 American jobs.” 

Those numbers sound extreme, but that’s not even considering lost growth from steel tariffs. You’ve ever seen a brewery, you know everything is made from stainless steel. If steel prices rocket up, smaller breweries are going to have a very hard time expanding. I’m not an economist, but Brewbound talked to a lot of people in the beer industry, and every one of them is concerned. 

Will beer prices be going up? Probably. The question is: how soon?