OverripeTanya, Nate’s new girlfriend, made a tropical fruit…


Tanya, Nate’s new girlfriend, made a tropical fruit salad for Easter. I can identify a mango is on sight. Passionfruit is a bit of a mystery flavor, but I remember the shape of it. Papaya? Guava? What’s that even look like? When a new beer comes out boasting juicy, tropical papaya flavor, I had literally no reference point, until now. Thanks to Tanya I can tell you straight up: juicy papaya tastes like feet. 

Well, overripe papaya tastes like feet. Papaya is a tricky fruit. People say it tastes melony, maybe a little peppery and musty. As it ripens the distinct funkiness of the fruit can get out of hand. The papaya at Easter had gone nasty. But I learned a lesson. I have a distinct sense memory for papaya. And that is exactly Block 15′s Tropical Slam Sticky Hands smells like. 

Tropical Slam is a special variation on the “hop experience ale” brewed with

Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic, and Apollo hops. It is a stinky beer. Hop aromas spill out of the can reeking of cannabis and very ripe fruit. That’s not to say it’s not tasty. The papaya funkiness fades into a nice pineapple and mango flavor with a round solid bitterness. It’s dank and tasty – if you can get past the body odor.