Stomach AcidI can’t drink sour beers any more. I just can’t…

Stomach Acid

I can’t drink sour beers any more. I just can’t handle the acid. Peacharillo is a delicious dry hopped peach sour ale from Urban Family Brewing. It is objectively good. But I could barely drink it. The first few sip were glorious, earthy, woody Amarillo meets peachy richness. Sour stone fruit balanced with cedar chips. 

But the acidity builds in my stomach. Halfway through, I’m aching. I should really just throw it out. I don’t know how I used to drink this. I feel like I have an ulcer. I am literally in pain, but I finished it anyway. 

Have sour beers always been this sour? I remember sour being a fun distraction. Now it’s a chore to drink even half a pint. It doesn’t matter if it’s a famous lambic from Cantillon or a light Berliner weisse brewed down the street, anything sour leaves writhing.