Cleaning the CellarThere are some old beers in our closet. A…

Cleaning the Cellar

There are some old beers in our closet. A fine layer of dust has settled on the vintage Abyss bottles. But a few bottles seem to are coated in either extra thick dust particles or a very thin layer of mold. It’s powdery and white. That can’t be good. Maybe it’s time to rearrange and clean things up. But first, let’s drink some beer.

Billy the Mountain is Upright Brewing’s old ale

based on 19th century English brews. It’s a blend of fresh young beer and aged, sort of sour, beer. This particular bottle is from the 2016 release. Billy is a rich malty brew that evokes a certain rustic elegance. Tart notes of bing cherries and black grapes come more from the skins than the fruit. It’s dry and tannic. Under the vinous jam is a layer of brown bread and leather. Despite the mildew, it seems to be holding up just fine.

I took everything out of the closet, and wiped down all everything before returning it. The culprit seems to be an old bottle of Cantillon Kriek. There was a drip line leading from the capped cork. It must have sprung a leak at some point. Yikes. I’m not sure if I’ll be sampling that particular vintage.