A Feat of StrengthIt’s that time again. The lasagna is in the…

A Feat of Strength

It’s that time again. The lasagna is in the oven. The fruitcakes are wrapped and ready to go. The presents are under the tree. We’ll be celebrating with friends and family in a few short hours.

But there’s still time for a beer. Friar’s Festivus is Monkless’ entry into the Belgian holiday ale canon. If you look closely, you can see the traditional aluminum pole, chosen for its a high strength-to-weight ratio, depicted on the label. The beer itself has an equally impressive lightness and power. The aroma bursts from the bottle with big notes of banana and a holiday spice. The flavor it bold like rum soaked raisins or a bundt cake baked with bananas instead of eggs. A balancing bitterness is followed by an intensely dry finish. Despite clocking in at over ten percent alcohol by volume, Friar’s Festivus feels light and fizzy on the tongue. 

Christmas may have its St. Bernarduses and its Delirium Noels, but Monkless makes a great Festivus Ale for the rest of us… ale?