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Some #SwedishHomeBrew and some awesome #Austra…

Some #SwedishHomeBrew and some awesome #AustralianCraftBeer

#CraftBeer #RealAle #Ale #Beer #Beerporn (at Victoria Park, Barry)

Years in the OakFor the latest release of Adam From the Wood,…

Years in the Oak

For the latest release of Adam From the Wood, Alan Sprints left his signature strong ale in a variety of barrels for three whole years. Usually, when a barrel is left that long it turns sour and funky, and only good for adding a little oomph to a blended lambic. Somehow, despite sitting in porous oak for months on end, this batch never seemed to pick up those spoiling buggers. Maybe that’s the antimicrobial effect of alcohol. The finished beer is 12% ABV.

Adam From the Wood’s high alcohol content also makes natural bottle conditioning difficult to gauge. Hair of the Dog released the new batch completely still, and unlike in past years, it is clearly labeled as such. The beer pours like cold water. No amount of agitation will bring out bubbles. But that doesn’t mean it tastes like syrup. There’s a hint of fuzz on the tongue. Who knows, in a few years it might build up into a proper head. 

That doesn’t mean Adam From the Wood doesn’t taste great right now, flat. The scent is chocolaty with a fruity edge. Intense bittersweet cocoa powder meets plummy sweetness. The body is smooth, despite being flat, it isn’t syrupy or sticky. The flavor is a blend of brownie batter and aged ruby Port, thick and decadent yet elegantly dry. The wood in the name is new oak barrels. The fresh barrels add a hint of vanilla but no spirit flavor, not that the beer needs anymore going on. The long aging shows up around the edges. That old soy sauce flavor adds an umami note that could be off putting, but in this blend adds a counterpoint to the fruity sweetness. 

I will definitely be sitting on my extra bottles for a few years. There isn’t much room to improve the flavor, but a little carbonation would nice. There might still be a few bottles available this weekend at Hair of the Dog’s 25th anniversary event. Also look out for Don, a new “double barleywine” named for beloved Portland publican Don Younger.

New unboxing video. To check out the reviews v…

New unboxing video. To check out the reviews visit and Subscribe. Cheers

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Using this new #TikTock app, quite cool, here …

Using this new #TikTock app, quite cool, here is my edited video of the harbour in Split Croatia.

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November’s beers from @beersofeurope che…

November’s beers from @beersofeurope check out their brand new website it’s totally gorgeous!

#CraftBeer #RealAle #Ale #Beer #BeerPorn (at Victoria Park, Barry)

American Beer Mail! Catch the reviews here www…

American Beer Mail! Catch the reviews here soon.

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A Halloween StoryI swore off alcohol the first time on our…

A Halloween Story

I swore off alcohol the first time on our wedding day. The night before my brothers decided to throw me an impromptu bachelor party. Sarah went out with my sisters to drink champagne and ten dollar cocktails while I drank Pabst like it was water and sampled various homemade concoctions made of fruit and grain alcohol. When Sarah came back a few hours later I was vomiting on the porch and my vision was blurry. The next day I decided I would never drink again.

Obviously, I changed my mind.

Over the next three years I had many run-ins with the demon booze. I threw up outside the Horse Brass, a venerable Portland institution, now sullied with memories of regurgitated Pliny the Elder. I blacked out at a strip club I hadn’t intended to enter during a friend’s bachelor party. I literally ran home and was still barfing in dumpsters the next morning. Sarah took me out for a breakfast burrito and I thought I would die just smelling it. I was sure that time it was over. No more overindulging.

I didn’t learn my lesson.

The last time I drank to the point of retching was after a Halloween party we threw. We served pumpkin brownies, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin beers. I, being frugal, couldn’t let nearly empty bottles go. I finished the dregs and promptly deposited them back into the toilet. I was furious with myself. Everyone had already left, but I was convinced I acted like an asshole. Sarah was about one month pregnant at the time. I promised I would never be this drunk in front of our kid.  

 And I never have been.That’s not to say I’ve been perfect. I drank far too many free samples at a Fruit Beer Festival preview event. I’ve been over confident at a few family Christmases. But the only reason I’ve barfed in the last four years was a case of norovirus. 

I held onto the last bottle of Pumpking from that fateful Halloween. It sat in the back of the closet between the imperial stouts and sours as a orangy reminder of… something. Looking at it in there didn’t make me feel better. For years, thinking about pumpkin spice made me feel a little sick. Seeing that old bottle of Pumpking just filled me with shame. 

This year, I finally decided to get rid of it. I drank it. 

There’s a reason you don’t see vintage pumpkin beers every October, it doesn’t age well. Held up to the light, a whole nebulae of flotsam spin into view, that’s what’s left of the roasted pumpkin. I poured it carefully, to avoid any chunks in my glass, and gave it a sniff. I wasn’t overcome with a wave of nausea. It smells like caramel. It smells like an old barley wine. The first sip tastes very stale. The body thinned out years ago, and the spices are totally gone. It tastes bitter and oxidized. It’s fine.

It’s not particularly good beer, but it’s just beer. The power was in the story I was telling about it. Now that it’s gone, the story doesn’t seem to matter all that much. Yeah, when I was younger I got drunk on pumpkin beers. That’s fine. I don’t have to turn it into a morality play. 

I actually feel better now, despite drinking a beer five years past its prime. 

Not the prettiest of pictures but we hit a maj…

Not the prettiest of pictures but we hit a major milestone today in 25,000 YouTube Subscribers and 150,000+ views for the month

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Another amazing package from Australia, let&rs…

Another amazing package from Australia, let’s unbox it. Reviews will be here many thanks Mick 👍👍👍👍👍

#Craftbeer #RealAle #Ale #Beer #Beerporn (at Victoria Park, Barry)

“Stone The Crows” in Split, Croati…

“Stone The Crows” in Split, Croatia. I think this is the loadest yet 🤣 @labsplit_craft #Craftbeer #RealAle #Ale #Beer #BeerPorn #dellamortecraftbar @dellamortecraftbar #StoneTheCrows (at Dellamorte Craft Bar)