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Fresh!It’s that time of year again. Back school shopping, one…


It’s that time of year again. Back school shopping, one last barbecue, and the return of fresh hops

The northwest had a very wet spring and a long dry summer, and the hops are ready a few weeks ahead of schedule. No matter, our friends at Ex Novo Brewing were ready. As the first cones left the field, they were firing up a batch of Eliot IPA. They tossed in the fresh, sticky Centennials and let them do their magic.

The result is a beer bursting with floral flavor and aroma. The smell is out of this world. It’s like burying your face in fresh cut flowers. The flavor fresh and green – like herbs right from the garden, like foraged fruits. The citrus flavor is subtle – there’s no mistaking it for orange juice. The whole thing just sparkles and shimmers as you drink it. It’s out of this world.

Get it while you can. Fresh hops can’t last long off the bine. A few hours and they get all soggy, so you can only get this flavor during harvest season.